Databases with HatchBox

Every application you deploy gets a MySQL or PostgreSQL database provisioned with it automatically.

You can use this for your primary database OR you can update your DATABASE_URL to point to an external database like Amazon RDS.

By default, we recommend you use PostgreSQL as your application database. We'll go ahead and provision a unique database for your app and let you get running.

PostgreSQL also makes it really easy to migrate your applications from Heroku to your own server, plus they have all kinds of useful little features like JSONB columns and PostGIS.

If you like to use MySQL, have no fear! We support it just like we do with PostgreSQL. All you have to do is select it when you're creating your application and you're good to go.

Whether you're using Redis for ActionCable, to power Sidekiq, or just for caching, we've got you covered.

Every application gets its own dedicated Redis database separate from the other apps on the server.

Got complex search needs? We've got you covered. You can click a button to enable ElasticSearch on your server.

ElasticSearch is by far one of the best search engines available these days.

We've also got support for MongoDB apps as well. Just enable MongoDB on your server's page and you'll be good to go.

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