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Highly recommend @excid3’s Hatchbox. Deploys very fast and robust.
Simon Chiu
I just got off a call with @excid3 regarding some server issues. What an absolutely kind person. I can't recommend @GoRails and @hatchboxio enough. I have been using these for a while now. It makes deployment so much fun. Next thing I want to try is
Cash Me Ousside
My first production website was a free community gaming site hosted on Heroku. It quickly grew into a $200+ plan which I could not sustain. I remember having to miss a party bc I had to upgrade my Postgres plan. Then I moved to Hatchbox.
Matias Eduardo
Thanks for Hatchbox. I LOVE IT
Fabrizio Bertoglio
I am building a project with a shiny new Rails 6 api, Nuxt.js, with a MySQL database and a MS SQL Server database. As far as devops I'm deploying on DigitalOcean. A load balancer and two api servers using and a redis server using Hatchbox. Percona Xtra db server for MySQL cluster
Larry A Ball
Thank you for making HatchBox. It's been a huge lifesaver for @storeocean
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Jake Yeaton
HatchBox/DigitalOcean is a great combination to launch products on. Whether prototypes or client demos. But it’s also strong enough to get a Rails-based venture into profitability.
I'm developing a sale pitch for my bids on iPhone/Android mobile apps projects. React-Native + ROR server which could scale to relevant volumes of traffic thanks to the Load Balanced Cluster Architecture you offer. Heroku would cost $2020 while Hatchbox + DO $219 :-O
Fabrizio Bertoglio
I’ll jump in to say that Chris has been building a great product with outstanding customer support with Hatchbox. Happily running all our deploys with it :).
Felipe Moyano
The best bit? It’s substantially cheaper than using Heroku. We’re running all our projects that were previously costing over Β£300 per month on Heroku for less than Β£100 per month with a combination of Hatchbox and Digital Ocean. A substantial saving with no impact on ease or work overhead.
Add Jam
@excid3 Hi Chris, just wanted to say that I'm loving Hatchbox atm! Moved a couple of my side-projects there over the weekend and the experience has been great so far! πŸ˜„
Gareth Fuller
@excid3 Hatchbox is incredibly powerful. It’s probably my favorite product of 2018. Thank you @excid3!
Matias Eduardo
Finally migrated all of my Rails projects from Heroku to Hatchbox. Freaking awesome, and with flat billing rates, my hosting bill for projects is the same no matter how many projects I launch!
Steve Paulo
@hatchboxio thanks for 15USD per month subscription, I just needed to ship 2 small changes to my server (change domain and update 2 more lines of code). Really a good deal. Saves me lots of time that I can invest doing more useful things like opensource
Fabrizio Bertoglio
@hatchboxio Is a dream! We just migrated our $2k per month Heroku app to a $300/m equivalent. Thanks, @excid3 for these great tools
Kieran Klaassen
Trying to decide where to host your #Rails app? We're using #Hatchbox, and this is why we think you should too πŸ‘‰
Add Jam
@Jason @hatchboxio has just been an amazing alternative to heroku
John Chambers
i spent a good portion of my week messing with deployments and trying different configurations for things. what a nightmare of a topic i don't know enough about. i wish i had just spent the 15 mins to use @Netlify and @hatchboxio and enjoyed my week coding.
@hatchboxio makes me happy.
Matthew Kennedy
@dalezak @hatchboxio In 6 years I've never needed to scale to accommodate traffic and I don't deal with caching. Heroku may has more flexibility as far as dyno scaling, but with Digital Ocean you are able to modify servers once in place. Hatchbox handles all the connections and setting things up.
Nick Haskins
Two years with @hatchboxio and will never go back to Heroku again. No change in my day to day #rails development to production workflow. Amazing customer service to boot. And the best part? Hosting costs went from ~$400 a month down to $49.
Nick Haskins
And a thank you to @excid3 for always helping out folks, even when he's cranking out some new feature. If you haven't checked out @GoRails, or his hosting platform @hatchboxio, you're doing yourself a disservice. This would have taken me at least 3x as long without them.
Andrew Quinn
For all the @rails developers out there, check out @hatchboxio for server provisioning and management. Just moved an app from @aws_eb, very satisfying.
Karens Grigorjancs
This kind of customer service is next level. Thank you Chris, you really saved my ass πŸ™πŸ€— Make sure you check out @hatchboxio and most importantly @GoRails, the best online Rails resource I know of to date. I owe a huge amount of what I know to that man. Cheers dude πŸŽ‰
Mike Holford
3. Deployment If not going serverless, use Heroku. It's cheap and fast to run a small app there. Once you start to really grow, you can move elsewhere. If running Rails, check out @hatchboxio by @excid3. Get a Heroku-like experience on your own server.
Tomas πšπš›πš˜πš– FeedBear 🐻
@excid3 One of the humblest dev that I know. I've been learning a lot from him since I join @hatchboxio to host my apps. The support is on another level. He just helps again to solve an issue. If you want better customer support experience do not hesitate to join @hatchboxio
houssein abil
@excid3 Loving @hatchboxio ! It has all the info for passwords, credentials, db and users all in a nice well organized dashboard! You did good man! I used to manage all that info in my note app but this is a thousand times better!
Adrian Valenzuela
Loving @hatchboxio for rails deployments. It's the best of both worlds.
Andrew Mackross
I ended up migrating away from Heroku to @hatchboxio and cut the infrastructure cost in half. It took me around 4 hrs to migrate 5 apps. The process was pretty smooth.
An old service I still had up started erroring due to a forced postgres upgrade on RDS. I couldn't update the code due to an old Opsworks install not updating the Node install. @hatchboxio helped migrate pretty easily to shiny new servers. Thx for the support @excid3!
John C. Bland II πŸ”Έ
While I loved Rails, unfortunately DevOps was where I fell flat year after year attempting to launch a server with the proper config. Thankfully @hatchboxio saved me and I owe @excid3 many hours I would've otherwise spent pulling my hair.
David Marquez πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
Deploy & Manage your rails app easily with @hatchboxio . It saves lot of time & efforts
Md Salehin Khan πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
spent the weekend rebuilding my job scraper in #rubyonrails and ended up deploying it. cannot rec @hatchboxio enough for the ease of use. even when i made mistakes the alerts / logs walked me thru how to get it sorted.
@mckinoti Thanks! As far as deployment goes I lean on @hatchboxio paired with Digital Ocean. It's a life saver!
I am able to quickly get my first rails project in @hatchboxio and looking forward to it. Hope it will be one of my good decision from 2021. Thanks to @excid3 for making Rails deployment simple in an affordable price. πŸ˜„
BRG πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«
Did a quick cost analysis for a project on Heroku for a client. Too high! What else can I use? @hatchboxio! Spun up a quick server. Pushed deploy and boom. Things are working! Sidekiq is processing jobs. No fuss. Great work @excid3! ✨
Jeffrey Guenther
Just finished migrating @ScreamRecs to Digital Ocean in like 2 hrs, can't believe how smooth it was and that's including domain and SSL. @hatchboxio made it super easy to get servers up. Encrypted rails creds also made things really easy.
Cody Norman

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